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The Advanced Ceramics Show, formerly Ceramics UK provides a truly unique, free-to-attend exhibition and conference that brings together a highly focused audience from industry, academia and commercial R&D involved in the latest technical ceramic solutions.

​​​Co-located with The Advanced Materials Show, Battery Cells & Systems Expo and Vehicle Electrification Expo, the four shows will welcome 300+ exhibitors and 4,000+ visitors in July 2025.

One Event for Four Connected Industries

The Advanced Ceramics Show, The Advanced Materials Show, Battery Cells & Systems Expo and Vehicle Electrification Expo bring together four connected industries for two days of networking, lead generation and education at the NEC, Birmingham. A free, four-track conference featuring global experts covers the latest innovations and developments across these exciting industries.

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Testimonials from 2024

There is a cohort of different industry sectors - batteries, electrical vehicles, advanced ceramics advanced materials, so there will be a cross-pollination from different companies. This will force a better future of collaboration and innovation.

Dr. Aphrodite Tomou, Head of Technical, Goodfellow

Having the show in one place is absolutely important, because you can see how certain technologies could be applicable to other industries that ordinarily you might not have seen. So having both shows together - I think it's genius.

Dr. Tafadzwa Motsi, Senior Investor Relations Lead, The Advanced Propulsion Centre

It's very important to have all these different relative ideas bought together, because it's under one roof, where you have different ideas cultivate together; and this helps us to for these collaborations right from the raw material supply to the solution provider, so that is important.

Arun Prakash Aranga Raju, Manager, Levidian Applied Technologies

Having all of this under one roof is really something that only happens once a year, and this is the mecca of advanced materials and electrification in the UK. We're a small environment in the UK, there's not many of us, but we unite very well.

Dr. Charles JM. Footer, Lead of Advanced Materials and Devices, Quinetiq

The show pulls everyone together. It puts them under one roof, so we can engage and speak and start building - I think the main thing is driving collaboration and bringing together opportunities to develop new technologies.

James Wade-Zhu, Project Lead - Non Metallics, UK Atomic Energy Authority

The diversity of this event from all four sectors is very crucial. I believe that the companies or the industry or the academia will find the right seed to start with and make their dreams come true, and the innovation will just thrive.

Dr. Aphrodite Tomou, Head of Technical, Goodfellow

I think what shows like this are about is bringing people together and finding areas for collaboration, and I think that's what will be the biggest benefit.

Geoff Lewis, Technical Sales Director, Duvelco

I think the show will help benefit the industry because when you've got lots of people in one place from different industries, big companies and small companies, there is an opportunity to have conversations with someone you would not ordinary meet; and when that cross pollination of ideas takes place there's a high chance that something innovative can be created as a result.

Dr. Tafadzwa Motsi, Senior Investor Relations Lead, The Advanced Propulsion Centre

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