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American Elements, global manufacturer of high purity metals, alloys, nanomaterials, chemicals & reagents for process development and R&D in the pharmaceutical, engineering, biotech,& chemical manufacturing industries.

Plasmatreat was founded in Steinhagen, Germany in 1995. Through the development of its Openair® Plasma technology the company has become established as a leading manufacturer and supplier of plasma equipment to the automotive industry, with particular experience and expertise in manufacturing EV batteries – from component and cell manufacturing, to module and battery pack assembly – where cleaning and activating with Openair-Plasma® is both fast and functional.

The Graphene Council is a global trade and professional body providing technical and commercial information and intelligence on how to use graphene to make your products or materials better. Graphene is a unique nanomaterial with exceptional strength, thermal, electrical, sensing and other important properties.

The Henry Royce Institute is the UK’s national institute for advanced materials research and innovation. The Institute’s aims are to undertake world-class research in materials science, to accelerate the commercialisation of materials research for economic and societal benefit and to train the next generation of materials scientists and engineers to tackle some of our most pressing global challenges.

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Stäubli is a global industrial and mechatronic solution provider with four dedicated Divisions: Electrical Connectors, Fluid Connectors, Robotics and Textile, serving customers who aim to increase their productivity in many industrial sectors.

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COMSOL develops mathematical modeling software for driving new breakthroughs in physics and engineering. The COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software is used to model designs, devices, and processes in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research. It includes the Model Builder, with fully coupled multiphysics and single-physics modeling capabilities, and the Application Builder, for turning models into easy-to-use simulation apps. Add-on products with specialized functionality are available for electromagnetics, structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical engineering, and CAD interfacing. Apps can be distributed to design teams, manufacturing departments, test labs, customers, and more via COMSOL Compiler™, used to compile apps into standalone executable files, and COMSOL Server™, used to manage and distribute apps organizationwide.

Our analytical systems and services help our customers to create a better world. Through chemical, physical, and structural analysis of materials, they improve everything from the energies that power us and the materials we build with, to the medicines that cure us and the foods we enjoy. We’re big on small.