Britain at Crossroads of Ceramics in 2019

It has just been announced that Ceramics UK, a one-off exhibition and conference highlighting manufacturing, technology, business and investment opportunities, will take place from 10-11 July 2019 at the centrally located Telford International Centre (Shropshire, England). This will be a totally free-to-attend event.

Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit) becomes a reality on 29 March 2019, just 15 weeks before Ceramics UK opens its doors. It really couldn’t be a better moment for all the key decision makers to come together for two action-packed days in the middle of the English summer and to fully realize the potential offered by wider trading relationships.

“We thought carefully about the timing to be sure we maximize opportunities for all participants,” said event director Adam Moore. “The July 2019 slot is well clear of some first quarter international meetings and of course neither Tecnargilla nor Ceramitec – the principal European shows in this field – are being staged next year.”

Other important factors are also in play. The British government has set ambitious plans for housebuilding, which has major implications for the traditional ceramic manufacturing sector, while investments in aerospace, energy generation, advanced electronics and transportation offer fantastic new sales channels for the burgeoning technical ceramics industry.

Last fall, the British Ceramic Confederation outlined its vision for the future, including the ambition to see UK ceramic manufacturing achieve 15% year-on-year growth, which would uplift the sector to £4 billion ($5.2 billion) in sales by 2022. This has healthy implications for international trade as exports have always played a critical role in the industry’s success.

Not only will directors and managers from right across the ceramic industry want to attend this crucial networking event, but it is bound to draw in design engineers and buyers from the major end user sectors – automotive, aerospace, heat treatment, e-mobility, medical, electrical/electronics, energy storage, communications, defense, rail, construction, renewables, oil and gas, and nuclear.

“This one-off exhibition and conference represents a unique chance for manufacturers from around the world to engage with the UK ceramic community, to find out about the many novel technologies that are currently being developed here, and to grab the chance to forge new business partnerships,” added Moore. “We expect around 3,000 visitors to Ceramics UK, and anticipate a great deal of interest from North America in particular.”

Ceramics UK is already attracting partner organizations that will be certain to broaden the reach of this important rendezvous. Additionally, an advisory board has already been assembled, featuring key experts and influencers – not only from the UK but also from elsewhere in Europe and from the USA.

Ceramics UK is being organized by Event Partners, a company whose experienced team has already successfully showcased technical ceramics, automotive and energy technologies in other countries.

This piece was originaly published on 11th September 2018 by Ceramic Tech Today: