Ceramic 3D Printing Global Market Leader Lithoz Celebrates 10 Years of Leadership in Quality and Innovation

Lithoz GmbH, world industry and technology leader in ceramic 3D printing, has announced its ten-year anniversary as a provider of 3D printing machines and materials. Initially founded as a spin-off from the TU Wien in 2011, Lithoz was created with the mission to establish ceramic 3D printing as a reliable manufacturing process for industrial mass production.

The first few years saw a great deal of personal effort, determination and commitment from the founders to achieve the excellence in quality Lithoz is known for today. “When we started the company, nobody was actually able to do the additive manufacturing of high-performance ceramics,” explained Dr. Johannes Homa, CEO of Lithoz. “Nobody could meet the industrial standards. We did something that was not possible before.

Dr. Johannes Homa and Dr. Johannes Benedikt

Lithoz renews its brand promise based on core values in their DNA

After a decade of successfully building a global market leadership, it is now time to look back on the founding years and the efforts behind Lithoz’s success. Behind the company stands a strong set of values, born out of the company’s own history and now making up integral parts of its DNA. The combination of these core values – the importance of the team, the strong ties to academia, an emphasis on endurance and precision and the collaboration with customers in an honest partnership – has over the years strengthened the company’s commitment to its overall promise of delivering top quality in ceramic 3D printing technology and creating partnerships in innovation.

A starting point for a look into future

As the world leader in this technology, Lithoz already knows the power of this production technique to produce parts once thought unimaginable – its goal is to ensure the rest of the manufacturing world knows it too. “Our vision has always been to implement 3D printing on an ever larger industrial scale – and further strengthen our position as the number one choice for newcomers in the field,” stated Dr. Benedikt, highlighting their success as the first company in history to enable entry into mass production via ceramic 3D printing.

Lithoz showroom

Lithoz’s work as quality and innovation leaders in the additive manufacturing of ceramic parts will, over the next few years, establish the technology as a fixed part of the ceramic industry which goes hand-in-hand with traditional manufacturing techniques.

Lithoz launches several communication activities around its 10th birthday

From September to November, Lithoz will launch several communicative activities to highlight its first 10 years of continuous growth and prosperity:

  • With considerable numbers of birthday wishes being sent in from partners all over the world, a collection of “Best Of” recordings will be published on LinkedIn over the next few weeks. These personal statements perfectly reflect Lithoz’s philosophy to be a proactive partner in innovation.
  • Variations of the well-known Lithoz logo will be released, including a collage of portraits featuring almost every Lithoz team member and a commemorative “Lithoz 10 Years” logo.
  • Specially designed roll-ups featuring these portraits will be shown at the Lithoz booth at the ceramitec conference | AM Ceramics, celebrating the role of the team in the company’s decade of success.
  • Many of these activities will be published on our website.

With the ceramitec conference | AM Ceramics offering an excellent opportunity to celebrate Lithoz’s anniversary, the “Happy Hour” on 15th September has this year been rebranded as the “Lithoz Happy Birthday Hour”. Starting at 6pm, the long-awaited networking evening will bring together the most influential personalities of the ceramic industry in true Lithoz style.

‘10 Years of Lithoz’ celebration video as campaign highlight

The celebration campaign will be crowned by a special new video filmed in the recently opened Lithoz Innovation Lab at the Vienna headquarters. Dr. Johannes Benedikt, CTO of Lithoz, and Dr. Homa express their fond memories of the company’s founding and share some stories from Lithoz’s exciting first few years. With the visual focus being placed on the many friendly faces which form the unique team, it is a celebration of those who have made Lithoz into the global market leader it is today.

The video will also be shown after Dr. Homa’s speech at the opening of ceramitec conference | AM Ceramics. A subtitled version will be played at the Lithoz booth throughout the entire event and the ‘Happy Birthday Hour’.

Lithoz GmbH is the world and technology leader for high-performance ceramic materials and 3D printers. Founded in 2011, Lithoz is committed to breaking the boundaries of ceramic production and supporting customers in expanding the manufacturing opportunities for the ceramic industry. The company has an export share of almost 100%, more than 80 employees and, since 2017, a subsidiary in the USA. Since 2016, Lithoz has also been ISO 9001-2015 certified.