Cross-Industry Panel: Why Materials Will Make or Break the Circular Economy

Bringing together experts from the automotive, government, aerospace and electronics industries, this panel will discuss the transformative role of materials in driving the circular economy. The session will focus on sustainable material innovation, the potential growth areas for sustainable design and policy frameworks across these diverse industries, highlighting their collective impact on environmental sustainability and economic growth and why the bedrock of materials that form their foundations is key to driving their sustainability.

Questions for discussion:

  • How can industries like automotive and aerospace adapt to and benefit from sustainable material innovations in the circular economy? 
  • How can advanced materials better demonstrate their credentials as a viable, sustainable and in-the-long-term economically beneficial alternative to traditional materials?
  • What are the latest technical developments that are key to supporting a circular economy across different sectors? 
  • How can government policies and regulations facilitate the transition to a circular economy in material-intensive industries?