Mind the (Skills) Gap: Acting Now to Secure Tomorrow’s Talent in the UK’s EV Sector

Exploring the critical need for skilled professionals in the evolving UK EV sector, this discussion emphasises the importance of tailored education, specialised training programs, and robust industry-academia partnerships. The session aims to identify effective strategies to cultivate a skilled workforce capable of driving future innovations in electric vehicle technology.

Questions for discussion:

  • What advanced engineering skills are critical for developing next-gen EV powertrains and battery systems? 
  • How can industry-academia partnerships be optimised to address these gaps? 
  • How can academia integrate emerging technologies like AI and IoT into EV engineering curriculums? 
  • What role will interdisciplinary skills and/ or government policies play in advancing the UK’s EV technological innovations?
  • and Development, UKBIC (a)



Electrification Skills Network Presentation 

  • Paul Whiteside, Project Manager, Coventry University, ESN (Electrification Skills Network)


Mind the (Skills) Gap: ​Acting Now to Secure Tomorrow’s Talent in the UK’s EV Sector​

  •  Rosa Wells, Project Manager, University College Birmingham

National Battery Training and Skills Academy (NBTSA)​ Presentation 

  • Alison Maynard, Deputy Principal, New College Durham


Talk: Title TBC 

  • Jonty Deely-Williamson, Head of Learning and Development, UKBIC