Next-Level Efficiency: Innovative Tools Transforming Materials Manufacturing

manufacturing and that of materials end users. This session examines the paradigm shift towards ultra-efficiency and superior quality through digital innovation. Speakers will highlight new technologies before discussing the challenges to traditional manufacturing norms, integration challenges and the necessity of upskilling.

Questions for discussion:

  • How are robotics and automation disrupting traditional material manufacturing? 
  • What are the key barriers to adopting these advanced technologies in established industries? 
  • How does intelligent manufacturing redefine workforce requirements?

Confirmed Talks:

3D Electroform Printing with Robotics – Robotic Electroforming of Parts with Designer Properties

  • Steve Newbury, MD, Ultima Forma

COREF : COnnected REconfiguable Factory – Reducing the Barrier to Entry for Digital Technology Innovation in Manufacturing

  • Nicole Ballantyne, Head of Customer Success, MESTEC