Spotlight on Innovation: An Update on Alternative Cell Chemistries and their Technology Readiness Levels

Focusing on the cutting edge of battery technology, this session provides an update on alternative cell chemistries, such as lithium-sulphur, sodium-ion, and solid-state. Discussions will centre on their current technology readiness levels, potential applications, and the challenges faced in bringing these technologies to market.

Questions for discussion:

  • What are the latest developments in lithium-sulphur battery technology, and what challenges remain for its commercialisation? 
  • How do sodium-ion batteries compare with traditional lithium-ion in terms of performance and cost? 
  • What are the key obstacles in the widespread adoption of solid-state batteries?

Confirmed talks:

Industrialization Beyond Lithium-ion: Technology Overview and Estimated Market Readiness

  • Jochen Di Vincenzo, Senior Consultant/Project Lead, P3