Exhibitor Spotlight Interview with MoistTech Corp.

What technologies or materials do you specialise in?

              Near-Infrared moisture detection and control.

What are the benefits of your technologies or materials?

  • NIR (near-infrared) technology – highest accuracy
  • Immediate process line adjustments
  • Proper dryer control
  • Reduced waste/wasted product
  • Low to zero maintenance
  • Process optimization
  • Low cost and high accuracy
  • Improved product quality – 100% monitoring
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Plant production & efficiency monitoring
  • One-time calibration & zero drift
  • Insensitive to material variations
  • All sensors equipped with windows software

What will you be showcasing at The Advanced Materials Show?

              IR-3000 Series Near-Infrared moisture detector        

What can visitors expect from your stand?

  • Live demonstrations of moisture control with our Near-Infrared sensor on ceramic materials
  • knowledgeable staff that can seamlessly integrate moisture control into any manufacturing line
  • Video loops of previous installations, tips and benefits of moisture control with Moisttech
  • brochures and helpful materials to take and share with colleagues

If visitors should know one thing about your company and experience, what would it be?

MoistTech has over 40 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the near-infrared moisture measurement and control industry to provide manufacturers with the best solutions.

Visit MoistTech Corp on stand 17-507.