Exhibitor Spotlight- Lithoz

Here at The Advanced Ceramics Show, we are delighted to be able to highlight Lithoz in out latest exhibitor highlight! Find out more about their advanced ceramic solutions, and what attendees to this years show can expect to see from them!

What technical Ceramic solutions do you specialise in?

At Lithoz, we are focused on manufacturing high-performance ceramic parts for innovative and efficient solutions. With our wide range of materials, covering alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride and more, we aim to provide a ceramic slurry for every application in industry, aerospace, defence, electronics and medtech. By combining these materials with our different 3D printing technologies – including Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM), Laser-Induced Slipcasting (LIS) and LSD-Print, Lithoz is able to offer a full portfolio to manufacture complex and precise ceramic applications, from semiconductors and bioresorbable bone implants to investment casting applications and nozzles.


Please explain the benefits of your speciality.

By combining the powerful material properties of ceramics with the geometrical freedom and sheer level of accuracy achievable via 3D printing, it is possible to manufacture incredibly precise and intricate ceramic parts that cannot be produced using conventional manufacturing techniques. As such, 3D printing is enabling innovators to break into entirely new markets by opening the door to game-changing applications across industry and healthcare.

The independent nature of 3D printing is also a huge advantage, as it provides an all-in-one solution for manufacturers. Rather than waiting and relying on external suppliers, 3D printing can greatly reduce lead times and costs by 3D printing complex parts in-house, while the significantly greater design freedom offered by this technology avoids common engineering challenges when it comes to sourcing spare parts. As such, supply chain issues can essentially be eliminated.

Finally, the speed of improvements and production made possible using 3D printing enables efficient and rapid innovation, allowing innovators to keep pace in fast-changing environments by adapting existing parts. By fully integrating digital warehousing into production workflows, as is made possible with our 3D printing technology, innovators can economically and easily edit designs to manufacture the most efficient and powerful ceramic parts possible.


Are there any exciting developments that is happening within the industry or your company that you can share with us?

We have seen a real movement in the industry over recent years towards serial production, with manufacturers searching for economical and rapid solutions for accurate and complex reproducibility. We see this shift as a real turning point – not only for Lithoz, but for the entire ceramic 3D printing landscape – with more companies recognising the game-changing power of this technology. This has always been a major focus for Lithoz, as our partners have already scaled-up to mass customization using our technology and are now produced millions of parts per year.


If attendees should know one thing about your company, what would it be?

One of the most important aspects of our company is working together with our partners to drive ceramic innovation forwards – we are always looking to support promising new projects! If you have a manufacturing problem, we want to help solve it. We invite you to visit the Lithoz stand (No. 1827) and have a talk with our team about how ceramic 3D printing could realise your ideas.


What will you be showcasing on your stand at The Advanced Ceramics Show?

At this year’s Advanced Ceramics Show, we are excited to showcase our latest and most cutting-edge multi-material parts and how this ground-breaking technology could be used for multi-material electronic applications. We will also have a wide variety of different ceramic materials and parts with powerful properties on show, demonstrating our competency in ceramic 3D printing. Finally, as shown by our partner Steinbach AG’s success in scaling up production to 12,000 parts a year with Lithoz printers, we are no longer simply working towards serial technology – our technology is already there.


What are you most looking forward to at The Advanced Ceramics Show?

We are looking forward to seeing the latest ceramic innovations to come out of the UK! There is a very active and inspiring ceramic industry to be seen in the UK, as well as a strong 3D printing community – the Advanced Ceramics Show is sure to be a real highlight of the year in seeing the direction this technology is going by combining ceramic know-how and powerful manufacturing. We look forward to helping steer this direction and finding 3D-printed solutions together with visitors at this year’s show by understanding the various challenges being faced by the market today and having open discussions with innovators and established manufacturers.


Don’t forget to visit Lithoz on stand 1827 to learn more!