Exhibitor Spotlight: Top Seiko

Top Seiko is a precision manufacturing company situated in Japan.

Since our foundation, we’ve gathered a wealth of skills and experience in complex and high-precision machining for a wide variety of ceramics and refractory metals to become a niche leader, as referenced in our company name.

Since Top Seiko is not a material manufacturer, customers can take advantage of their unbiased knowledge of exotic hard materials to select the best material for their required applications. We have been supporting customers with replacing materials for their existing parts. There are many successful cases in which our customers have benefitted through the improved functionality of their parts, which led to surpassing their competitors by making the service life longer. It results in lowering costs and reducing maintenance and downtime.

Top Seiko is continuously researching and investing in new technologies in order to deliver the highest quality machining services to customers. Moreover, by utilizing the technical data and know-how accumulated to date, we are able to design and develop machining tools to satisfy customers’ needs even for difficult-to-machine products that would normally be very challenging to achieve. To serve as a strong partner in your search for cutting-edge innovation, we strive to stay at the forefront of world-leading technology with an unwavering pursuit of excellence, as we follow our corporate motto, “There is no material too hard for us to machine.”