International Syalons – Exhibitor Spotlight

What technical Ceramic solutions do you specialise in?

Silicon nitride and sialon advanced ceramics components.


Please explain the benefits of your speciality.

High strength, corrosion and temperature resistant materials for demanding environments.


What do you believe to be the most important trend in technical ceramic solution and what is your company doing to contributing towards this?

The continuous drive for increased process efficiency has resulted in an accelerated push towards the need for high temperature and wear resistant precision ceramic components for challenging applications; International Syalons have focussed much effort into developing novel materials and production methods for complex geometry, high performance ceramic components including via lithographic additive manufacturing.


If attendees should know one thing about your company and experience, what would it be?

The discoverers of sialon founded International Syalons in the 1980s and we are still located in Newcastle upon Tyne, now with over 40 years’ experience producing a range of sialon grades to suit the most challenging applications.


What has been your organisation’s biggest achievement in date?

We began a long-awaited upgrade and expansion of our production facility in 2019, tripling our floorspace, and have since invested significantly in new equipment, enabling us to increase capabilities and capacity.


What will you be showcasing on your stand at Ceramics UK?

Specialist ceramic components used throughout industries including molten metal handling, temperature sensing, metal forming, automotive manufacturing, oil and gas production, chemical and process engineers, and extreme wear intensive applications.


Who are you hoping to meet at Ceramics UK?

Process engineers, product developers, production managers, technical managers, purchasers, senior academics, and students.