Nanoe – Exhibitor Spotlight

What technical Ceramic solutions do you specialise in?

Nanoe is specialised  in the development and the fabrication of innovative ceramic materials for  industries. The company provides high quality powders, especially zirconia, alumina and ZTA, but also develops customised products in partnership with their clients. Nanoe makes a point at monitoring the quality of its powder in order to guarantee the best mechanical properties needed for demanding industries such as biomedical, aerospace or semiconductors. The company has also developed a ceramic filaments line compatible with FDM 3D printer via their brand Zetamix.


Please explain the benefits of your speciality.

Nanoe aims to provide products that fit to their customer processes. The company is thus able to supply their materials in the form of ready-to-press granules, redispersible powders or feedstocks for ceramic injection. Moreover, Nanoe also adapts their products to their client’s request so that it meets specific constraints. Furthermore, it is by following the idea of making accessible Nanoe’s powder to any shaping process that Zetamix line has been developed.


What do you believe to be the most important trend in technical ceramic solution and what is your company doing to contributing towards this?

 Ceramic 3D printing is a game changing technology today. By making possible the production of new shapes and by cutting down small series and customized parts prices, numerous industrials rely on ceramic 3D printing to solve industrial issues. Thus, by launching our brand Zetamix, Nanoe aims to make ceramic 3D printing accessible to every companies, whereas it be SME, large companies our laboratories. Indeed, Zetamix line provides ceramic and metal filaments suitable with almost every FFF 3D printers. After a 2 steps post process, the sintered part reaches a 99% density for ceramic. With a package including a printer and the post process equipment for less than 15K euros, the solution developed by Nanoe is both affordable and easy to implement.


If attendees should know one thing about your company and experience, what would it be?

Quality control and the customization of our products are crucial aspects in Nanoe ‘s clients experience. Indeed, multiple quality control tests are exacted all throughout the whole production process such as  measurement of the specific surface of the powder, measurement of  the humidity levels, the flowability and density with a Hall apparatus  or optical microscope observations.


What has been your organisation’s biggest achievement in date?

For few years, Nanoe powders are used for their purity and their mechanical properties in the semiconductor field. Indeed, our R&D department has developed ZTA 12, composed of a perfectly homogeneous mixture of alumina and zirconia to reduce the production stops due to replacement of consumables and maintenance.

Thus, several industrials specialised in wire bonding rely on Nanoe’s powder to produce welding capillaries, placement tools (pick and place tools) and other wear resistant parts.


What will you be showcasing on your stand at Ceramics UK?

We will present our ceramic powder activity. Parts made thanks to our powder such as  capillaries, wear parts, pump parts and biomedical prosthesis will be showcased. Elisabeth To, Sale Manager Europe and Ceramic Engineer, will be present to answer all your questions and to guide you to the appropriate industrial solution.

Moreover, we also will present our Zetamix product line: filaments spool and  3D printed parts will be showcased.


Who are you hoping to meet at Ceramics UK?

Ceramic UK will of course be the opportunity to meet our historical powder clients, but we also hope to meet new prospects interested in our products whether it be our standard powders or our customised ones.

We are excited about meeting new prospects and being involved in new technical and innovative projects!