NANOE expands its global presence to the US

Nanoe, the French based technical ceramic producer is proud to announce its new office in Youngstown, Ohio. The presence in Ohio will allow Nanoe to work closely with customers in the US than ever before in the product development and additive manufacturing space.

After serving the European ceramic market for 10 years, Nanoe wants to evolve into an International and Diversified company. With this goal in mind and having realized that the market for ceramic 3D printing is still very new and swiftly developing, Nanoe launched a new range of Zetamix, Ceramic and Metal 3D printing filaments and Zetaprint, a ceramic and metal FDM 3D printer just a few months ago and this new office in the US will lay the platform to bring these advanced filaments near to the users.

“There are a few niche players for ceramic 3D printing, but it is still very small compared to metal and plastics. One of the reasons is ceramics are difficult materials to shape and process. Another reason is that to print ceramics, you need dedicated 3D printing machines that are very expensive. We decided to take a different approach and to adapt our raw material to existing machines already on the market in number,” said Guillaume de Calan, CEO, Nanoe. Nanoe aims at working with customers to drastically reduce their product development lead times by facilitating prototyping with end use materials.

This expansion strategically positions Nanoe in front of major players in several verticals such as automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical enabling collaboration in exploring new applications and accelerating technology development. In the long term, Nanoe has plans to expand in other key markets.

About Nanoe

Launched in 2008. Nanoe is a French based manufacturer specialized in production of high purity fine oxide ceramic powders.
Since the middle of 2018, we have launched on the market filaments for any FDM 3D printing. Our main products are Al100 (Alumina), 3Y-TZP (Zirconia), Yttria, ZTA composites and 316L (Stainless steel). We offer ready to use raw materials for serve a number of different industries including: luxury, medical and aerospace.

For more information about our new products and services in the US, contact Yogesh Ramadoss at our Youngstown office at +1 216-650-2295 or email

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Guillaume de Calan | CEO