Adam Sells

Adam Sells, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Sheffield University, brings his wealth of expertise to the role of Channel Partner Manager at Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd. With over 10 years of dedicated service to Goodfellow, Adam has held various positions, gaining a deep understanding of the company’s products and customer needs.

Adam’s extensive background in materials and chemistry uniquely equips him to forge strong relationships with partners. As a Channel Partner Manager, he focuses on expanding Goodfellow’s network by identifying strategic alliances, nurturing existing partnerships, and driving growth. His passion lies in connecting people and resources to achieve shared goals.

Beyond his role, Adam is deeply committed to working with customers on long-term complex projects, particularly in the medical sector. Goodfellow’s meaningful innovations have the power to transform lives, and Adam takes pride in facilitating these positive changes through collaborative efforts.

Outside of work, Adam finds joy in rock climbing, relishing the blend of physical and mental challenges.