Q&A with Adarsh Sagar, Business Development Manager, Kyocera Fineceramics

Q1) What inspired you to join Kyocera and what would you say most excites you about your role?
A1) After a visit to Japan in my 20’s, I was very impressed by the Japanese people and their culture. When I saw the opportunity, I applied to work for Kyocera after reading the company’s philosophy online. After many years, I am still very pleased with the company, and how Kyocera continues to uphold its management rationale and philosophy internally. Working for such an ethical company, is one of the satisfying aspects of my job.

Q2) You have progressed through the ranks at Kyocera Fineceramics over the last 8 years, how have you seen the company change in Europe during that time?
A2) I have seen Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH grow in the last 8 years steadily. The number of employees in the company keeps increasing every year, with a lot of new and young faces around. Our Management here takes care to foster younger talent, and gives employees great opportunities to participate in the growth ideas of our company. I would say that the last 8 years of the company has been an evolution for us, to become one of the top ceramic based companies in Europe.

Q3) Which customer or market demands were the principal drivers of your company’s growth during the past five years?
A3) We do not focus on just one or two markets, but have a diverse portfolio addressing a variety of markets. This helps us in maintaining sustained growth rates over a period of time. However, we have seen specific growth in the last few years in the semiconductor related market; and also our presence in the automotive market is steadily growing.

Q4) Which emerging markets are Kyocera working towards and are you anticipating new trends over the coming 5 years?
A4) We see big movement in automotive market, especially with the advent of electro-mobility. Thanks to our diverse portfolio of materials and services, we are anticipating to serve this market extensively in the coming years.

Q5) What would you say are the key challenges and opportunities currently faced by the industry?
A5) With the various political changes in EU, like Brexit for example, there is certainly an air of uncertainty and unpredictability. But Kyocera is a veteran company, and has seen its share of market turbulence, incl. the big IT bubble burst in the past. We have never made loss as a company since our establishment, and our strong financial position and dispersed geographical presence assures our customers that they can rely on Kyocera even in unpredictable times.

Q6) What do you think sets Kyocera apart from your competitors?
A6) Over the last several years, I have worked in the roles of Sales Engineering, Marketing and Business Development, which presented me opportunities to meet customers from all over Europe. The common feedback I always receive from our customers is that Kyocera is a solid company, which delivers what it promises. Some of the European market leaders have strategic contracts with Kyocera, as they trust Kyocera as a reliable supply partner. I feel the kind of relationships we establish with our customers, is what sets us apart from some of our competitors.

Q7) What products will you be featuring at the show this year and who are you looking to meet?
A7) Kyocera will be presenting ceramic parts which are mainly used in semiconductor components and equipment, automotive modules, aerospace and general industry. We are especially keen to meet the UK based supply chain managers and engineers who are looking for new ceramic solutions for their needs. Being a versatile company with a diverse portfolio, we believe Kyocera can cater to most of their needs.

Q8) What are you most looking forward to about the Ceramics UK 2019 show?
A8) We see various UK based initiatives which aim to create a multi-million pound ceramics industry in this neck of the woods; Ceramics UK will be a good opportunity to meet the important players and forge new business relationships.