Spotlight on Exhibitor – CDS Group

What has been your organisation’s biggest achievement in 2018/19?

Development of CDS Advanced Thermal Technologies into a global brand.

What will you be showcasing at Ceramics UK?

Wide range of thermal treatments across most sectors of industry.

What technologies or materials do you specialise in?

Advanced and Technical Ceramics, Concrete, Metal Treatments

If visitors should know one thing about your company and experience, what would it be?

CDS’ flexibility and adaptability to meet specific customer requirements.

What might surprise people about your work and applications with advanced materials?

CDS’ scope of project management and contractual awareness particular to safety and regulatory alignments.

CDS Group is the market leader for drying systems for the entire ceramic industry and your products continue to break new ground within various industries. What sets CDS Group apart from its competitors?

Willingness to listen, understand and implement very specific customer needs and requests.

You have over a thousand successful dryer installations currently in operation worldwide. What is the highest profile/ambitious/exciting project you have seen your products being used in?

One of the world’s leading suppliers of insulated building panels have chosen CDS Group as their preferred supplier globally for their new installations of ovens and dryers. UK, Sweden and Australia being recent projects.

Your ethos of working on projects from their initial planning stages through to final completion forms the basis of your customer relationships. How does this approach benefit your customers?

Attention to detail! From the sales meeting, to receipt of order, to commissioning. Every phase of the project will have dedicated teams in contact with the customer going through every detail and concern.

You have an international reputation for delivering only the most innovative and efficient products. Can you tell us about the innovations you have been involved with recently?

The engineering and implementation of our patented “R O2” thermal treatment into a large range of new sectors. Energy Saving is Paramount in today’s industry.

Your core values are quality, sustainability and modernity and as an organisation you’re committed to change and development. What’s next for you in terms of sustainable development?

CDS are committed to lowering the carbon footprint of not only our own activities but also the client’s general sustainability if we can. The introduction of new materials, more efficient working processes and the improvement of logistical issues all add to CDS core values. The next step in the CDS portfolio is to push on for even more energy saving thermal treatment technologies to supplement our already ‘state of art’ design and manufacturing.