The technical ceramics sector continues its unprecedented growth and is predicted to reach a global market value of $141 Billion in 2025 from a figure of $66 billion in 2017 – a CAGR of nearly 10%. This growing interest results from the unique properties and potential of technical ceramics, including durability, chemical inertness, impressive stability, thermal resistance, superior electrical properties and more. But steps need to be taken to transform interest to sales at volume and to drive the innovation from test phase to commercial viability.

The conference programme for the Advanced Materials and Ceramics UK Conferences have been carefully blended to take advantage of their complementary nature, without losing any of their individual focus.

Two conference tracks focus on delivering insight on the challenges and opportunities in building a robust market for technical ceramics, polymers, micro/ nanomaterials, coatings and composites and more, at scale, sustainably and at low cost.

▸ End-user applications
▸ Technical materials innovation
▸ Supply chain development
▸ Disrupting manufacturing processes

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