10 ways in which we are supporting you getting back to business this July

The health, safety and wellbeing of our exhibitors, visitors, speakers, contractors and staff attending The Advanced Materials Show, Ceramics UK, Battery Cells & Systems Expo and Vehicle Electrification Expo in July, is our number one priority. We want to ensure that the industry as a whole retains the confidence they have in us, as the organisers, to deliver a first-class celebration in the heart of UK manufacturing and R&D, without compromise.

1. Ventilation is key
Research has indicated there is a much higher risk in places where there is poor ventilation which is why the venue has increased ventilation, where possible, to improve air circulation and quality. HEPA filters and the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system has been supplemented to increase air turnovers.

2. More sanitisation stations than you can shake your hands at
Hand sanitiser stations will be placed throughout all areas of the venue, as well as enhanced cleaning and waste management protocols, with a focus on high touch point areas and regularly trafficked areas like toilets and catering outlets. Feature locations on the show floor will be treated with an antimicrobial coating that turns any surface into an inhospitable environment for bacteria and viruses.

3. Did someone say contact free?
A variety of catering options will be available, including pre-packaged ‘food-to-go’ purchased via contactless/cashless transactions. Our reception area will include two lane entry with fast track for pre-printed badge holders. Attendees who have not pre-printed badge will have minimal contact with staff who will be behind Perspex screens.

4. Venue Protect
The NEC have developed Venue Protect; an all-encompassing toolkit based on a four-step approach to safety and protection of people at the venue. Using a combination of All Secure Standard, Visit Britain Accreditation, Government advice and Risk Assessments they have created a four step approach which includes testing and tracing, social distancing measures, enhanced venue sanitisation and communication.

5. Hands, face…..
Face coverings will be required in both the public areas and in the exhibition halls (to be supplied by the individual) to keep the risk to a minimum whilst you conduct your business. Perspex screens will also be in place in high contact areas such as the registration desks.

6. And space.
Our aisles are a minimum of three metres wide to ensure adequate social distancing can take place, as well as a one-way system being in effect in larger areas of the venue. We have also expanded our conference theatres, B2B meeting areas and catering outlets to create suitable space between seating/tables. Crowd management protocols will be in place to ensure our event capacity is in line with the latest UK Government guidance.

7. Health and safety
To ensure we provide you with the best and most comfortable experience when visiting Ceramics UK we have retained a health and safety consultant to help us make the most informed decisions with our attendees at the heart of everything we do.

8. How will you know what to do?
Our onsite signage and announcements will reiterate the importance of social distancing, face coverings and good hand hygiene. As we draw closer to the event, our pre-show messaging via our websites and social feeds will focus on the latest updates from the UK Government/health organisations and our onsite policies/protection measures.

9. Communication, communication and communication
We continue to closely monitor the evolving Covid-19 situation and will ensure this suite of B2B tradeshows adhere to all relevant UK Government, local authority and public health guidance, as well as the Government-approved All Secure Standard; the best-practise framework created by the events industry. We are ready at the click of a button to update you with any and all changes.

10. Supporting the industry and the industry supporting us
We are taking the utmost steps to ensure the safety of our clients, visitors and staff before, during and after the event. We have a multitude of organisations we are following guidance from AEO, ESSA, AEV, All Secure Standard, NEC Venue Protect and to name a few. You can find out the latest information here

The Advanced Materials Show, Ceramics UK, Battery Cells and Systems Expo and Vehicle Electrification Expo will take place on the 7th – 8th July 2021 at the NEC, Birmingham.

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