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Exhibitor Spotlight- Lucideon

As a development and commercialisation organisation, Lucideon specialise in the research, implementation, and scaling-up of novel technologies. Whilst we work across a variety of industries including healthcare, construction, energy, and aerospace, our roots are in ceramics. Together, this gives us the cross-sector experience and skills needed to understand a clients’ product inside and out. We… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight: Top Seiko

Top Seiko is a precision manufacturing company situated in Japan. Since our foundation, we’ve gathered a wealth of skills and experience in complex and high-precision machining for a wide variety of ceramics and refractory metals to become a niche leader, as referenced in our company name. Since Top Seiko is not a material manufacturer, customers… Continue

5 ceramic applications you might not know yet by Imerys

Versatile, strong, resistant, long-lasting, mostly natural, chemically inert, easy to clean with hygienic characteristics — it’s easy to see why ceramic products and their applications are so very popular. They are part and parcel of our daily lives, from the roofs above our heads to the tableware we dine from, from the sanitaryware to keep… Continue

Nanoe – Exhibitor Spotlight

What technical Ceramic solutions do you specialise in? Nanoe is specialised  in the development and the fabrication of innovative ceramic materials for  industries. The company provides high quality powders, especially zirconia, alumina and ZTA, but also develops customised products in partnership with their clients. Nanoe makes a point at monitoring the quality of its powder… Continue

International Syalons – Exhibitor Spotlight

What technical Ceramic solutions do you specialise in? Silicon nitride and sialon advanced ceramics components.   Please explain the benefits of your speciality. High strength, corrosion and temperature resistant materials for demanding environments.   What do you believe to be the most important trend in technical ceramic solution and what is your company doing to… Continue

Lithoz GmbH – Exhibitor Spotlight

What technical Ceramic solutions do you specialise in? Additive manufacturing of ceramitcs. Please explain the benefits of your speciality. Traditional methods have limitations in fabrication of complex geometries with controlled microstructural texture and architecture. Lithoz 3D printer (LCM-technology) technology is an additive manufacturing technique that works according to the principle of layer-by-layer printing by selective… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight Interview with MoistTech Corp.

What technologies or materials do you specialise in?               Near-Infrared moisture detection and control. What are the benefits of your technologies or materials? NIR (near-infrared) technology – highest accuracy Immediate process line adjustments Proper dryer control Reduced waste/wasted product Low to zero maintenance Process optimization Low cost and high accuracy Improved product quality – 100%… Continue

Interview with KYOCERA Fineceramics Ltd featuring Allan Martin, General Manager

1. Kyocera has expanded significantly since it was founded in 1959 from a small workshop in Kyoto City with 28 employees to about  75,500 globally. What sets Kyocera apart from its competitors which has enabled this level of growth? KYOCERA Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine ceramic components for the technology… Continue