Exhibitor Spotlight with Lucideon

As a development and commercialisation organisation, Lucideon specialises in the research, implementation, and scaling-up of novel materials technologies. We work across a variety of industries including healthcare, construction, energy, and aerospace, with expertise in a wide range of materials particularly ceramics and metals. Together, this gives us the cross-sector experience and skills needed to understand a clients’ product or process inside and out.

We aim to help our clients overcome the materials challenges their businesses face in a world demanding ever more environmentally focused application of materials resources and energy. As a trusted ceramics and materials science partner, we’re aiming to make the world a materially better place.

Our technical staff’s breadth of expertise allows us to see a given project from a bird’s eye view, bringing a degree of lateral thinking and problem-solving expertise to our clients’ materials challenges. We’ve used this in applications ranging from using novel Flash Sintering techniques in the joining of dissimilar materials, to deploying our MIDAR® geopolymer technology in nuclear waste encapsulation.

Our association with The AMRICC Centre, now officially open after years of hard work, is enabling us to serve our clients more effectively than ever before. We’re undertaking work as part of the Foundation Industry Sustainability Consortium (FISC) under the EconoMISER project including scale-up for geopolymers, optimisation of the sintering process using digital applications and Industry 4.0 techniques, and the development of a ceramic kiln capable of operating using hydrogen. We’ve conducted successful trials at 20% hydrogen blend and are working towards 100% hydrogen, incorporating tunable burner ports.

During the show, we’ll be showcasing our expertise in:

  • Hydrogen firing (Net Zero and sustainability)
  • Computational modelling and data science integration
  • Novel coatings
  • Ceramic processing – ceramic additive manufacturing
  • Novel sintering methods, including Flash Sintering
  • Transparent ceramics
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Manufacturing process optimisation
  • Additive manufacturing (AM) process optimisation
  • Ceramic matrix composites (CMC) and ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTC) development
  • Enhancing battery materials performance and optimising manufacture
  • Novel bioactive glass for consumer health