Lithoz unveils new CeraVision tool and CeraDoc software for remote tracking and monitoring ceramic 3D printing process

Lithoz today released its new CeraVision tool and set of features to real-time monitor and control 3D printing process from remote via live-video transmission giving users an all-new way to interact with their printers. On top of this, the new CeraVision tool, available for the CeraFab printers’ family, is designed to detect and automatically correct errors during printing and to increase the usability of the printers. All day, users can stay productive and interact with the printers while working from their desks.

Along with the CeraVision, customers can also take advantage of their large volume of production data with the new CeraDoc software module. The CeraDoc module fully documents production data for thorough traceability for an Industry 4.0 ready additive manufacturing process. The CeraDoc module is Lithoz contribution to the reliable quality control and assurance for customers ranging from industrial to medical device production.

‘The new CeraVision tool in combination with the CeraDoc software is another huge leap forward for ceramic 3D printing’ said Johannes Benedikt, Lithoz’s CTO and co-founder. ‘By combining realtime analysis during printing with a software to fully document the manufacturing process, we are playing our part in supporting our clients in pushing ceramic 3D printing towards full industralization’.

This new set of tools is developed at Lithoz within the ProAM project in the Frontrunner framework of the FFG (project no 879057), a dedicated programme for Austria’s worldwide leaders in technology, innovation or competence.

About Lithoz:

Lithoz GmbH is the global-market leader for ceramic 3D printing. Founded in 2011, the company is an innovator of solutions in additive manufacturing of high-performance ceramics. Extensive collaborations in industrial and research areas has allowed Lithoz to evolve into the industry-leading partner, supporting their customers from the adoption of ceramic additive manufacturing to scale up. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the company has an export share of almost 100%, more than 70 employees and, since 2017, a subsidiary in the USA. Since 2016, Lithoz has also been ISO 9001- 2015 certified. (