Spotlight on Exhibitor – Abrasivestocks

1. What has been your organisation’s biggest achievement in 2018/19?

The Chinese website and the English Website both went online last year, to let Chinese abrasive producers know that will become the Alibaba for the abrasives industry.

2. What will you be showcasing at Ceramics UK?

14 cooperating SV enterprises in Chinese districts that are featured on We also help purchasers find the best Chinese abrasive manufacturers quickly.

3. What business do you specialise in?

Helping more abrasives production enterprises directly connect with overseas buyers and facilitate direct export. Helping overseas buyers quickly and efficiently connect with excellent Chinese abrasive manufacturers. Providing all kinds of abrasive materials from China.

4. If visitors should know one thing about your company and experience, what would it be?

ABRASIVESTOCKS is the first B2B Platform only focused on abrasives. We help you buy from china abrasive manufacturers faster and save you time.

What might surprise people about your work and applications with advanced ceramic materials?

Overseas buyers take on average 6 months to find excellent suppliers in China but through us it only takes 6 minutes.

5. What sets Abrasive Stock apart from its competitors?

The CEO has nearly 20 years of professional work experience in this field. We ONLY focus on the import and export of this kind of materials, without any misguided information or advertising, so that buyers and sellers can connect directly faster.

6. Do you have any new product development plans that you can tell us about? 

Chinese online transactions section is scheduled to launch in 2019.

Increasing our brand promotion outside of China and invite more buyers to set their showcase on

Introduce more overseas advanced abrasive products into the Chinese market.

7. Abrasive Stock’s aim is to offer the ideal service to Chinese SMEs for overseas business, what has been the most exciting changes you have seen recently?

It is necessary for us to make more small and medium-sized micro-grinding enterprises realizing that we had to change the former idea to improve the quality so that they can satisfy the high-quality demand, worldwide export, the product and supply the product to the purchaser directly rather than through middlemen.